Company profile

Unique Designs Ltd. manufactures kitchens, bathroom closets and built-in wardrobes.

Founded in Israel by Lawrence Harson in 1992 and operates in the market of kitchen design for both the private and public sectors. The mechanized machinery in the production factory is of the best and most advanced in the current market, including work done with CNC machinery, carpentry as a whole and specifically the manufacture of kitchens. The design, scheme and manufacture of the kitchens are achieved by multi-experienced professionals, using the most advanced technologies. The experience and constant innovation enable the company to grant high quality service for each and every customer through a modern and personal conception.

"I believe – Unique Designs"

Unique Designs' products are manufactured in a variety of styles for the various customers and offer the company's customer with maximal options as far as the kitchen market is concerned.

The company is at a constant learning process which relates to the changes in life patterns and styles and is consistently evolves every year with unique new designs, items and accessories, while maintaining technological innovation, advanced human engineering , design and functionality.

Product quality

The company manufactures its various wood items while using advanced technology and unique elements.

The design process is done using computer simulation all the way from the basic technical stages and up to the final design. The design and manufacture of the kitchen is done by skilled developers and designers who specifically emphasize the quality of the product. The company maintains a strict and uncompromising QA mechanism which enables constant improvement of the production processes and the finishing quality of the products. The company's quality is familiar to thousands of households in Israel.

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